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Funky Superbikes - Motorcycling in the 1970s. WITH FREE UK POST!

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Richard Skelton’s first book, Funky Mopeds - the 1970s
Sports Moped Phenomenon, was a best-seller. Funky
Superbikes is four volume follow-up series which tracks
the momentous changes in motorcycling, and in society in
general, that took place during the 1970s; biking’s biggest,
brightest and best-ever decade.

Featuring great writing, exclusive interviews, newly commissioned
artwork and evocative period images, Funky Superbikes will build to become a comprehensive history of big-bore motorcycling in the 1970s. It covers the arrival of extraordinary sporting machines from Italy and a new generation of bulletproof BMW twins, as well
as the inexorable rise of the Japanese motorcycle industry and the wasteful, lingering death of its British counterpart. In the 1970s there were more motorcyclists than everbefore, ever more fabulous motorcycles crammed the showrooms, and motorcycling became an exciting new leisure activity. It was the time of Barry Sheene and Kenny Roberts, of Bike and Cycle magazines, and of brilliant
journalists in their pomp such as Cook Neilson, MarkWilliams, Dave Minton and LJK Setright. It can now be seen as a pivotal decade, and a unique high point in motorcycling history.
A full 100 pages printed on high quality paper (the same as Benzina) in landscape formats (260mm/10" wide, 210mm/8.5" high) to create a fine and collectible reference by a great author. CAVEAT: IT SEEMS UNLIKELY GIVEN DEMAND THERE WILL BE ANY MORE EDITIONS: but it does read as a complete story
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