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Benzina back issues with FREE UK POSTAGE


FREE UK POSTAGE. Back issues of the famous Italian motorcycle magazine: Issues 1 to 8 were on a unique 240mm x 205mm landscape format;9 to 13 were larger (but mainly sold out - scroll down for more details on the blog link at our blog for details and contents of all back issues . Mailing to mainland Europe is £6 per copy - email for a PayPal invoice and save over the "everywhere else" option on this site
And if you want a tee shirt to go with the book please have a look at my tee shirt shop by clicking here

SORRY - I KNOW THE CHECKOUT CAN BE CONFUSING! To buy click red "add to cart" on the right, then click on "cart" at the top left of the page (below Benzina logo) and it will take you to checkout. Thank you